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Founded in 2006, Shyrtech was established as a design house. Working with its sister company Alphalogic, Shyrtech became proficient in optimizing design for manufacturing and grew as a leader in this field. Today, we’re proud to provide full end -to end expert services for entrepreneurs and companies with great ideas through the complex field of manufacturing for the masses and new product introduction.

Leveraging our leadership skills, we have developed and manufactured hundreds of different products and shipped millions of devices for the world’s leading companies in various markets.

Agility, adaptability, and dependability are the foundation of our success.

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

Design for manufacturing (DFM) is the art of manufacturing optimization. At Shyrtech, we provide customers with the most reliable and optimized process.  We meticulously review every aspect of the customer’s design, electrical, mechanical, software, firmware and packaging, in order to create the most effective assembly process. Ultimately, this results in high quality and cost effective products.

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