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ID and Mechanical Design

ShyrTech performs mechanical plastic and metal designs according to a product design selected by the client. The product starts with a detailed design followed by prototyping, tools inspection and control, and ends with inspection and control over serial production processes.

ShyrTech is involved in and updated on innovative developments in the plastics and electronics field. The company possesses vast knowledge accumulated over many different projects in products manufacturing technologies and advanced electronic packaging. We have strong connections with different manufacturers and suppliers in the Far East and in Europe.

**Vast experience in developing mechanical concepts for various products together with a wide range of different Industrial Designers. Depending on the complexity of the product with regards to cross functional interaction, we offer to develop the mechanical concept.**


Image by Xiaole Tao


The product development process has a great significance for understanding and application of mechanical engineering. Mechanical engineering is the design aspect of engineering that sees the whole picture of the product development process, from diagnosing the idea to how to switch the actual implementation level.


ShyrTech designing electronic packaging of electronic products in the following fields:

  • Medical and para-medical products

  • communications products

  • Military and para-military products

  • Consumer electronics products

  • Security products

  • Consumer products

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