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Testing Software for Manufacturing 

An electrical function test (FCT)  – also frequently called an End of Line test (EOL test) – is a test in the electronic manufacturing service industry that consists of testing an assembly’s functional performance.  The electrical function tester will apply inputs to simulate the board’s expected inputs in the end user’s application.  A functional tester will measure, via a variety of means, the board’s response to the stimuli.  The board’s responses will be compared to the expected responses.  Boards will be deemed as test failures that don’t respond correctly.

Programming Console
Circuit Board


Functional testers typically use a computer that is connected to test points or a test-probe point in order to perform FCT. We determine if the boards pass or fail based on whether or not the test results meet the specified requirements by operating the software or firmware.

Functional testing is enabled by testing software, often referred to as firmware, and testing instruments such as digital multimeters, input/output PCBs, communication ports. Automated computer-based Functional Testing (FCT) is accomplished by assembly line operators who utilize testing software that interfaces with external instruments to monitor the devices under test.


The last step we perform before packing a unit into a box is to electrically function test it. This gives us great assurance that the manufactured board will be deemed good by our customer. 

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