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Transfer to Manufacturing 

As a leader in development and manufacturing optimization, we are focused on delivering the most agile, reliable and

cost effective services in order to enhance our partner’s competitive edge and reach success.

**Ensure devices move from development to volume manufacturing with best practices and feedback loops**

Electronic Chip
Image by Sean Whelan
Image by Shoeib Abolhassani


Quality Assurance is a crucial element in the manufacturing process. In order to ensure that the product meets the client’s specifications, a quality assurance system is essential.

Quality assurance plays a role in all aspects of the manufacturing process from the incoming inspection all the way to the delivery.


An assembly  fixture is used to streamline the assembly process by providing tools that simplify the process. It reduces the need for skilled labor and increases the product assembly reliability.  In addition, it reduces the assembly cost per unit.  To better control and improve the assembly line, we frequently incorporate fixtures for specific tasks.


we provide a wide range of manufacturing support  services according to the customer’s needs. By utilising our manufacturing site , we are able to take products from limited production runs to virtually unlimited production.

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