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Full Product Development

As a leader in development and manufacturing optimization, we are focused on delivering the most agile, reliable and

cost effective services in order to enhance our partner’s competitive edge and reach success.

**experience conducting product development research - according to  your needs are and for initial concept development**

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Image by National Cancer Institute


We believe that the product development process needs to go through several important stages. We know that every step of the process is import to the success of the product design for the target market.

The target market: We will check the target market and its user needs which will affect further development of the product design.

The product design stage will review in the useful practical levels:
• Practical feasibility of physical actions.
• Environment where the product will function and the user interfaces.


Prototypes are an essential component of product development.  Prototyping provides an in-depth look into the product and allows the customer to perform an analysis of the product’s components.

At AlphaLogic we are able to provide customers with demo units (nonfunctional prototypes) as well as functional prototypes.  Our team of skilled prototype technicians build preliminary models of the product -whether that be by creating rapid prototypes for quick product analysis or by creating conventional prototypes for a exotic material testing.


At the end of the process, just before a product is released, it must go through the certification and regulation labs.

To reduce the time-to-market and product release complexity, our manufacturing facilities have an in-house certification lab.

ASTM, FCC, CE, UL and others.

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